Easter Memories

Easter is right around the corner, and I’ve been thinking about my childhood Easters a lot. I thought it might be fun to explore this with you guys.


Dress Shopping

     When I was a kid, every year right before Easter my mom, my aunts, and I would go out shopping to find new Easter outfits. I remember one year we went to the mall and they found these really puffy dresses, with TONS of tulle, and not the fun tulle, the really itchy for a 6-year-old kind of tulle. They had all the pastel colors of the rainbow – pink, purple, yellow, green, and blue. They all had these really pretty little flowers embroidered on them and sequins, so many sequins!! And I LOVED these dresses! I’m not much of a girly girl, but when I dress up I want to be the most fabulous looking girl in the room, and these dresses made me feel that way. The best part was that they were the kind that when you would twirl around, the whole dress would poof out around you. That year my mom bought me two of those dresses, one for that year’s Easter and one for the next year. I had a pink one and a purple one. I always liked the purple one better and was so sad when I outgrew it. I tried to tell my mom that I could still fit in it but we both knew that wasn’t true and I finally had to get rid of it. Saddest day of my little life.



My parents made an effort every year to find the local Son-Rise service at one of the churches in town if our church wasn’t doing it. For those of you unfamiliar with a Son-Rise service, it’s when you have an Easter morning service at the crack of dawn (literally), and everyone comes to church, sings songs about Christ’s resurrection, hears a short sermon about the resurrection, and then the church feeds you breakfast before the regular morning service. I kind of hated the Son-Rise services as a kid because I had to get up so insanely early to get ready for church. Once we would get there, I loved singing the songs, the higher the key the better to me because I could (or at least when I was a kid I thought I could) get really high with my voice and it was fun to me to be able to sing these high notes no one else could reach. The best part of Son-Rise service was always the breakfasts though cause there were all of these sweet little old ladies who made the food. It was like having breakfast at your Grandma’s house, and she made all your favorite foods.


Easter Dinner

My absolute favorite part of Easter was after church. We would go to my Grandpa’s house, and my dad would make Easter dinner. My dad has always been the primary chef for all of our family gatherings. That is an honor that has been passed down to me since I’m the oldest of my siblings. We would have ham and scalloped potatoes and veggies. We never did the Easter bunny thing, but we always had tons of candy to compensate. My mom and aunts would all sit around and talk while my dad made dinner and my brother and I would go outside and play. My Grandpa and uncle would usually make sure we stayed out of trouble. We still would get into trouble. Lol.

Once dinner was ready, we would eat together and then we would sit down and watch “Jesus of Nazareth.” We still had VHS when I was a kid, and we had to buy a new copy of the movie at one point because we wore out the tape. I know that it’s a serious movie for a serious time of year but it’s pretty funny when you’re a kid and the voices are dragging cause the tape has been watched so many times. Jesus’ Sermon On the Mount will stick in your brain for a long time when you hear Robert Powell’s voice citing it in slow-mo.

It’s nice sometimes to look back and remember what things were like when life was more straightforward, and the world moved a little slower. What are some of your favorite Easter memories? I’d love to hear about them!



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